Your tax dollars

The food stamp thing seems to be resolved. I went there (a total shitshow that went faster than one would have expected) and learned that my case had been close but then it had been reopened. I didn’t ask for an explanation as it is my policy to never question civil servants too closely. They almost never know the answer and it just wastes time because they feel the need to explain themselves endlessly. The upshot is that I may or may not be getting food stamps this month but will in November. I’ll know by the middle of next month.

I’ve abandoned the gouache I was working on as it wasn’t coming together at all and am at work on a large painting that will almost certainly take a month to finish. Maybe longer. I’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Your tax dollars

  1. dennisdavidson

    Just checking in from the netherlands that surround the blogosphere. Haven’t seen posts on your site for awhile. Hope things are okay. Or, at the very least, manageable.


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