Mea culpa

My readership is falling off. I can’t say I blame you. I’ve been busy working on a particularly intransigent painting and spending a lot of time on the subway going places so I don’t have a lot of interesting things to report. I will say that my foodstamps are being reduced from $200/month to $84/month because of the shutdown. It’s a good thing I like beans and rice. When the painting is finished I’ll post it. Meanwhile enjoy Scott over at BIE. Also, because I’ve changed probation districts, it looks like my chances of getting off early have pretty much evaporated. That means the book won’t be out until at least November 2015. All good things come to those that wait.

7 thoughts on “Mea culpa

  1. Frank

    Don’t worry. Art comes first! Sorry about the foodstamps. This whole shutdown is such a farce.

    Disappointed about the book. I want to read all the juicy bits, especially about Scott!

    Speaking of, he’s slacking a bit in the blogging department, too. And despite my persistent entreaties, he simply won’t write a tell-all book that will shock and scandalize the gay world!

  2. dennisdavidson

    Sorry about the cut to your food stamp benefit. That is so fucked up. I’ve only recently become poor after dropping out of a doctorate program. Food stamps became an essential lifeline for me. Cut-backs like these are catastrophic.
    Here in California a single person can get about $195/month in food stamps. However, if that same person becomes homeless their food stamp allocation drops to $35. The SD county CalFresh staff explained that a homeless person would have more cash on hand because s/he wouldn’t have rent or mortgage payments. So that extra money saved by living on the sidewalk should be spent on food. Hence, the reduction in the benefit. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted.
    Actually, I was apoplectic. Try as I might, I cannot decipher the logic of that policy. I suspect it’s one of a long list of punitive legislative sanctions designed to punish the poorest among us. Lucky for you that you like rice and beans! Foraging for food is time consuming; instead you’ll be able to paint and write (not that you would stop either activity).
    You’ve managed to adapt and maintain your creative production work through extreme circumstances. Your loyal readers can/should/will adapt to the pace that works for you in this blog. LOL.

  3. Tina

    Been reading Scott for years, now I read you. Your minimalism is soothing. I don’t really know classical music, but have enjoyed most that you have posted.


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