Twelve years ago this morning the weather was the same. Sunny and clear and right about now, it’s 8:30am now, Scott called me and told me to get my camera and get over to his place, a plane had just crashed into the Trade Towers. I turn on the television. At this point I was already selling meth so I had a constant stream and I had been up for a few days.

I switched off the porn and found a news channel and watched as the towers came down. Because of the way my building was situated, even though the window behind my bed faced south, I couldn’t see the towers because of the building. But because I was only a mile or so away, when the wind would shift slightly, I could smell the burning.

I watched the second tower come down and went outside to go to Scott’s. There were no cabs. I walked across town. Scott and his brothers were there and we made plans for what to do if another attack came. I went back to my studio and went back to bed and got high and watched tv.


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