Oh, what a beautiful morning

After a grueling week I’m spending a glorious morning in bed drinking coffee and reading the Times. Every day last week was something that required me to go into town. That involved an hour on the subway and, if it’s late enough, an hour and a half back. I wrenched my shoulder moving so there was physical therapy, SSA is still sending my SSI check to the crack hotel and they returned it because I don’t live there anymore and there was the two hours I spend on hold with SSA fixing it. I’ve almost finished 1Q84 and you should read it. It’s wonderful on all sorts of levels. Of course, I’m somewhat obsessed with Japanese culture so there’s that. I picked up a bunch of books still at Tim’s to read next. I’m looking at rolls of canvas because there’s so much wall space here that I need to be making bigger paintings. And I just read a recipe for lobster, tomato, and basil pasta which I’m probably making for dinner.


One thought on “Oh, what a beautiful morning

  1. Colonel Panic

    Per your recommendation I bought 1Q84 on my kindle and so far am finding it utterly engrossing. I’m being introduced to all sorts of new things by visiting here – sadly I know sod all about art so you may be casting your pearls before swine, but thank you anyway. And how nice to have to go canvas shopping because you have so much more room…


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