I’m a bad blogger. I haven’t really thought of you much lately. I’ve been consumed with finding and fitting into the rhythms of finally living alone; the toing and froing between Brownsville and Manhattan; the freakish moments of realizing that at last, I, after ten years, have my own personal, private, bathroom; and what to do with all the stuff.

They gave me a bed, for which I am grateful, and a dresser which is the most comically ugly and useless mess imaginable. I don’t have a table or chairs yet so I spend my time here, in bed, reading, playing on the internet, meeting local gays on the fuck apps.

A one year old boy was shot in the head and killed last evening not far from here. I was on the train into town for dinner. There was a beef between the shooter and the boy’s father. The shooter’s name has been given to the police.


One thought on “Flow

  1. Bob

    Paint the dresser as an art piece, cultivate the fans for winter, go out and steal a table and chairs….. just a poke back.


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