It’ll have to do.


3 thoughts on “It’ll have to do.

  1. Bob

    I just knew that some queen would invite you to stay for the summer.
    I love the part about how the ancestors of the royals invented those Scottish customs, even though they came from Germany.

  2. Gordian Knott

    It’s a 1980s puff piece on the royal family, very patronizing in tone as it recounts their respect for the Scots, their attendance at ceremonies dressed in kilts, etc. It reminds me of videos (and movies like “Passage to India”) in which British show up at Indian “native” events slumming it in saris. The weird and jarring part of it is, it’s an anachronistic colonialist attitude transferred to the Scots in the 1980s! Like Bob says above, you’d think the royals were getting back to their roots as people of Scottish ancestry–which is decidedly not the case.

  3. williamcullum Post author

    It’s true. They are all German which is why they were so happy about Diana – at first. The Spencers have been British for a long time. And, obviously, the Scots weren’t as happy as the program would have us believe as they now have their own parliament and the Stone of Scone has been returned.


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