Crossroad ahead.

When I started this process February 1st it was the best option given the information I had at the time. I had no idea it was to be this difficult and I find myself somewhat mystified at how I’ve come to this precise juncture. Nothing is working the way it was promised. I’m truly not complaining. I’m not unhappy (anymore); just mystified. My brother just bought a three bedroom house in Florida. He is unmarried, without kids. If I get SSI, it’s an attractive option. We get on quite well. 

In any case, I promise to either finish a painting or pick up the manuscript. I’ll decide in the morning. Meanwhile, thanks to Bob for his good intentions. And all the rest of you who wish me well.


2 thoughts on “Crossroad ahead.

  1. Bob

    On my way to hell (or. at least. Portland), I accumulated quite a quiver full of good intentions. I am happy to shoot a few at you. When you say “Florida”, it’s nice to know what town, as they vary from outhouse & still to muy Cubano.


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