More bullshit

Dear Mr. Gonzalez,
My HASA caseworker, Ms. Florine Cobb, says you have my NYNYIII housing file. Please find attached two letters; one from my doctor and one from my therapist, both advocating my placement in a one bedroom apartment. I am aware of the situation with HRA and have discussed it with Harriet Sedgwick from Speaker Christine Quinn’s office and have our correspondence regarding the guidelines. Should you find that these letter aren’t enough to place me in a vacant apartment, please let me know as soon as possible so that I may follow up with Ms. Sedgwick.
William Cullum
to me
Good Afternoon Mr. Cullum

There seems to be a mistake, we do not have your referral. I have checked the system and there is no such referral. As well , we do not have any vacancies, and if we did we only provide studio apartments.

Again I am sorry for the mix up on this matter, but please inform your worker that we do not have the referral.




5 thoughts on “More bullshit

  1. Shane

    Help me understand this? You are a convicted drug dealer( which I couldn’t care less about… I think they should all be legal), so you have already been a guest of the state for many years. You are either unable or unwilling to work to support yourself ( could be legit… I have never seen an explanation and you don’t owe me one). You apparently have no family or support system, and you are choosing to live in the most expensive city in America. You are somehow eligible for free housing and medical care. I would guess by your previous work history you haven’t been a big contributor to the tax base… in fact it looks as though you are for whatever reason kind of an expense! I came in in the middle of this movie, I know. But you are saying you need a free one bedroom apartment for what reason? Resources are already crazy limited (who am I telling, right?) and you are a single person with no kids? You sure act like you deserve this, and a studio, free of charge, just will not do! Can I ask why you feel that way? I’m trying not to judge, but you come across as kind of a dick. Im sure i do, too, but thats cool with Me. You’re interesting, and I have questions… And you have answers. How did you come to this place? I want the rest of the story, not a flameout from Scott etc. buy the book? I would.

  2. williamcullum Post author

    Hi Shane,
    I thought at some point I’d have to go over this again so now is as good a time as any. If you scroll down and read the posts concerning housing it’s all there but let me recap.
    I have had HIV since the early 80s and AIDS since the mid 90s. I have peripheral neuropathy, polycythemia vera, and heart desease which effects my energy and ability to work for more than a couple of hours at a time. I have had a bipolar diagnosis since February 2001. I haven’t worked at an outside job since 1994. I have a felony conviction for selling methamphetamine which was prosecuted in the Southern District of New York so my probation requires I live here. I was on HASA and SSI before I went to prison and lost the SSI. I have re-applied. I am neither physically nor psychologically able to have a “job”.
    Now the apartment. You missed the posts where I say I’m perfectly happy with a studio but there aren’t many studios available and there are waiting lists at every agency I’ve been in contact with. Hense, the one-bedroom exception. Because of the sequester, HASA has issued a guideline that no single person be given and apartment larger than a studio. I’m trying to increase my chances of getting out of the SRO as soon as possible. The SRO has no air conditioning and more than 140,000 people die in this country from heat stroke a year. Considering the nature of my ailments, I’m a prime candidate.
    You’re not the only people who thinks I come across as a dick. Ask Scott.
    I will say that I don’t expect to be on HASA forever. I had a career as an artist and I have reason to believe I’ll have one again. I’m told by people who know about these things that to book could bring in as much as $200,000. I’ve been offered the use of a house at the beach weekdays to finish the book so I’ll soon be out there Monday through Friday. So you see, not everyone thinks I’m a dick.
    Thank you for reading my blog and feel free to ask anything you want. I’m rather disclosive.

  3. williamcullum Post author

    Oh! So I’m going to be a dick here. I have several very wealthy friends who pay more taxes than you, Shane, make in a year. They’re fine with me being on the dole. Just sayin’.

  4. Shane

    Thanks for the thoughtful response. I get it better now, which was my hope. I was pretty sure you weren’t an actual dirtbag. Regarding your making assumptions about my income… Feel free. It’s only fair since I was making some about you as well. Turns out we are both wrong.


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