I so know how she feels.


6 thoughts on “I so know how she feels.

  1. Bob

    Gee, she ought to get more interested in herself — NOT!!!!! The painting is no loss, because it sucked, and she serves as a reminder of the kind of New York person who makes her pimples equal to kids staving in Africa.

  2. Gordion Knott

    Student A labels the painting as “Outsider Art” and gives a description; Student B chimes in with “Is that what Outsider Art means?”

    There’s so much confusing language in the art world these days that nobody really understands what they’re talking about.

  3. williamcullum

    The art world, like any other trillion dollar industry, has it’s own language. Because it is relatively small, that language is in constant flux as people attempt to articulate and categorize the work presented. In it’s attempts to be precise, it becomes more and more obscure to the outsider, e.i. Persons not in the art world.

  4. Gordion Knott

    That’s right, Bill, and I don’t think she got the memo on this–or spent very much time puzzling over the sometimes obscure commentary in art exhibit catalogs.

    On second viewing, I kinda sympathize with her. She’s taking a class to get her fashion design degree, just wants to finish and land a job, and people are busting her balls about outsider this and abstract that–and hiding their criticism under a passive-agressive, faux-interrogatory rising intonation (“I think? It should be more? Like a solid color?”).

    In the future, our meltdowns will be televised.


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