It’s coming together.



2 thoughts on “It’s coming together.

  1. Ryan

    hate me, but I think an entire painting of just the wave would be incredible. I keep looking at the painting and I keep getting drawn to the wave

  2. williamcullum Post author

    Perfectly alright, Ryan. It’s just that there are lots of people who make pictures of the ocean, the most famous of which was J.M.W. Turner ( It’s fairly easy. It also doesn’t add anything to the conversation about what is art at this point in our history. This is implicitly a history painting as well as a narrative one. The disparate elements come together to tell a story. The story is somewhat ambiguous and is therefore unique to each viewer. The waves alone don’t tell much of a story and since Turner covered that ground 200 years ago, it holds little interest to me. Wait until the thing is finished before you decide. there’s a lot of detail left to put in. I have to concede, the wave is turning out to be fairly spec-fucking-tacular.


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