Ugly; not ugly?



7 thoughts on “Ugly; not ugly?

      1. Brion

        Oh it’s not horrible. If you note how the green of the plinth base subtlety reflects the green of the fernery trailing thru the design and the pale primrose of the base is a repeat of the background colour of the shade.I also see a hint of the colour of the wooden cabinet on which it stands in the swirls and tracery that madly dance across the surface!:-)
        I reminds me of a druken afternoon spent in a room decorated with items of this style (lavishly decorated!) at a soiree hosted by two ageing ‘queens’ at their flat in Golders Green, London!!
        But enough from me!!

  1. Jdw

    I dont think its ugly- the colors are actually beautiful together and the look is rich and you are right- of a certain age and time . But the point is to live long enough and everything comes back in style. The problem with the shade is entirely -Scale- it is very complimentary to the color of the lamp but is too huge for the size of the base . It is perfectly gorgeous though “until something better comes along.” Paisley is always a timeless pattern .

    1. williamcullum Post author

      Thanks Jdw, I think you’re right about the scale. But for now it’s fine. I’m rather fond of it at this point. And it throws of very pleasing light.


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