The late, loathsome, Robert Hughes


5 thoughts on “The late, loathsome, Robert Hughes

  1. Gordion Knott

    Loathsome indeed. I always hated his turgid blatherings in Time magazine. He comes from an age when Time ruled the publishing industry, and its head art critic could decry the “curse” of money in the art market while living in a corner apartment in Manhattan. Now, Time’s magazine division is on the chopping block and its art critics will be living out of shipping containers.

  2. williamcullum

    Hear, hear. Although, it must be said, I am for critics. They play an essential role in the art world by placing work within its historical perspective. There aren’t, to my knowledge, any reactionary critics left now that Hilton Kramer is no longer with us. Perhaps of they had more influence there would be.

    1. Nick

      Part of it was his writing, but he did have good material (the cockney hookers fucking all the way to Australia, etc.)


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