Got a new room


I have the AIDS so I can’t remember if I told you but I got a new room. This one is on the street so it doesn’t smell of piss. It’s also the tiniest bit bigger.

I have an interview on Monday for an apartment.


9 thoughts on “Got a new room

  1. Brion

    Oh! That looks ‘cosy’! Good luck with the interview on Monday. You could soon have somewhere to put all that ‘booty’ 🙂

    1. Joe

      I think that’s because all of the people who are being generous, feel like they know you through Scott & BIE. Like your a close, personal friend. Someone we could call up and hang out with… If only I lived in close proximity. Congrats on the new space & yes, fingers crossed for the apt!

  2. Gordion Knott

    I’ve lived in a lot of rooms of that size and character. Great for the short term, especially if you keep in mind the saying of the tea ceremony popularizer, Sen-no-Rikyuu–“one mat for sleeping, a half mat for meditating and tea-drinking, anything more is too much” (paraphrasing). But I’m happy that bigger digs are coming down the pike for the long term.

    1. williamcullum Post author

      I love that. I’ll remember it. Things are especially good because I have a place to come during the day to work. That and now the room doesn’t smell bad. As I’ve said before, it’s larger than the space I occupied for 6 years in prison and I’m not sharing it with 2 other guys. It’s all good.

  3. williamcullum Post author

    Thanks Bob. I always knew it was going to happen. The question was how long would it take and who would get the job done. So far it looks like HASA is actually working. But you have to love in purgatory before you get to heaven. Kinda like life, I guess.


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