I can’t stop thinking about this.


I’m using the background as the border for the banner in the requiem painting but its too early to paint it. Anyway, that’s what I think about these days.

No word on apartments other than Ms. Cobb, my very competent HASA case manager, assuring me yesterday that something should come up soon. Housing Works wants me to register with a real estate office that they work with but with the new restrictions, NYNYIII is a better deal. And the realtor wants $25 dollars for a background check. If nothing happens by May, I’ll go see them.


3 thoughts on “I can’t stop thinking about this.

  1. Steve

    What is your thing with Rossetti? Does it carry over to the Brotherhood? I met Holman Hunt’s granddaughter and visited at Burne-Jones’s house in Rottingdean.

    1. williamcullum Post author

      Hi Steve. Great question. I do not have a thing for the Pre-Raphaelites and hadn’t given them much thought in years until Broccoli and I had an off-line conversation and he accused me of not knowing the difference between the Brotherhood and Orientalism – which is , of course, absurd. (He’s a very thirsty boy, that Broccoli). So the postings had more to do with an inside conversation than a real passion. Then I noticed the background in the Rossetti portrait and thought it would be perfect for the banner in the painting I’m currently working on. The paint has to dry before I can continue but when it’s in shape, I’ll post a pic and you’ll, hopefully, see.

      That said, there is much to credit the Brotherhood with. They were a year ahead of the French in promoting the idea of plein air and when I was younger, I thought much of their reaction against photography. Their response being the opposite of the French. No depth of field as opposed to “impressions”. But in the end, they didn’t have much influence on the direction of painting. Maybe that will change. One never knows what the kids will be doing next.

      Thanks for commenting. B.

  2. A. Broccoli

    There is nothing absurd when it comes to Mr. Cullum. And thirsty I am not.

    Steve, traveling is great fun! Some day you must visit my family’s house in Fiesole; talk about Pre-Raphaelite and Orientalism!
    re. Holman Hunt connections, are you referring to Diana? In which case, I am most sincerely sorry for your loss (some two decades ago). Curiously (and no doubt because he is not prone to curiosity), Mr. Cullum has not seen either of the two works I own by Angela A’Court — you’ll understand given your close relationship to the family — though he has been in my warehouse where his works have been stored gratis for a decade.


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