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Ok. The list is started at Amazon. Search for my name, William Cullum, and look for the mugshot. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that so many of you want to help. I’m being serious. I’m the nice one. Scott’s the asshole. We luvum us sum Scottie. Yes, we do.


15 thoughts on “Amazon Wish List

    1. steve

      Yes but if I buy you something off the list how does it get to you without having your address? Perhaps I’m being dumb but never used Amazon like this before!!

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  2. Andrew

    Hi bill. Andrew from Australia here. I’d love to get you the Mendelssohn but the amazon site doesn’t autopopulate the address. Maybe you could email me an address or somewhere you can pick it up from.
    I imagine Scott is a royal pain in the arse but the best friends in my experience always are.

    Sending the very best wishes to you.

    Kind regards


    1. williamcullum Post author

      Hi Andrew… I think it’s fixed now. I love that recording! You know they did the octet with each player dubbing two parts! You are so sweet to think of me. Thank you so much. Best, Bill

      1. Andrew

        Sorted. The Mendelssohn is rocketing to ny as we speak. Btw check out the Australian chamber orchestra’s recording of the octet. FYI Mendelssohn wrote it when he was only16!

  3. Bob

    Sorry I’m broke & trying to figure out how to pay to fix my car right now. If I croak maybe you can have some of my s***
    All of it is in perfectly exquisite taste of course.

  4. williamcullum Post author

    Andrew: I know! It’s amazing what a 16 year old can do. Now that we’re returned to tonalism we may have prodigies again. Check out Nico Muhly. Thanks again for the discs. They were just that much too expensive for me to buy and I wanted them so. You’re a champ!

    1. Andrew

      I did a work for clarinet (it’s what I play) soprano and piano by Ricky Ian Gordon calked Orpheus and euridice. It’s described as an opera in two acts. It demonstrates that tonality in modern dress (quite Coplandish in fact) can still be employed to produce powerful music that speaks to a modern audience. So happens ill be doing a staged version of the work here in Melbourne with a gorgeous soprano. Btw Ricky Ian Gordon is a compatriot of yours. There’s some clips abd an intereview on utube if you want to have a look.

      1. williamcullum Post author

        I will look. And congratulations on your success! I played piano for ten years growing up. I wasn’t good enough for a performance career so I gave it up for art. My second choice. My favorite piece to play was the Chopin Fourth Ballade. I’m hoping to have enough space so that when I sell a painting I can get an electronic keyboard.

        Tonalism is the future. David del Tredici really legitimized it thirty years ago and it’s what the kids are doing now. Do you have a drop box account? It’s free and you can exchange large files easily. I’d be very interested in hearing your piece.

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