I feel it’s been a while since I filled you in one the housing thing. I really do “feel” closer to getting something, whatever the hell that means. My NYNYiii application has been recommended by the HASA psychiatrist and psychologist and has gone “upstairs” to be considered. Every one says I’ll know something in about two to three weeks. That means a month. I’m still going to go to the Real Estate people in Queens (no; different ones; the only felony they care about is shit involving kids) as soon as I can find out when they see HASA folks.

I can’t remember if I’ve discussed the rationale. The whole apartment thing is financial based on real and expected budget cuts. The decision to limit apartments to studios reduces HASA’s commitment from $1100 for a one bedroom to $950 for a studio. There is a rumor that the new cap for studios is $850.

Basically, everyone is forced into the system to find a place to live. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are a slew of NGOs around town getting Medicaid dollars for doing, as far as my experience has been, almost nothing. It’s fine for the employment rate but it ain’t helping people find places to live. I will almost certainly name names when I’m safe in my apartment but for now it’s probably wise not to rock too many boats

I bought a little cabinet for $45 dollars today. I’m very excited. It’s the only piece of furniture I own having lost everything during my unfortunate incarceration.


I’m thinking of putting up a housewarming wish list but if no one participated that would suck but what do I, at this point, have to loose. I have to figure out how that works. Anybody got a pair of Georgian Open Barley Twist Column candlesticks laying around that they don’t want anymore?


God, I’m bourgie.


4 thoughts on “Recap

  1. Brion

    I like the cabinet! It looks Chinese or Japanese.I don’t have any fancy candlesticks but I could make you some!! (I’m a Cabinet Maker!)
    I’m willing to put my hand up and participate in your house warming wish list! The camp bed looks a bit minimalist..


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