Oh, I see.

They, meaning wordpress, want me to give them money to provide sidebars and wishlists and such. We’ll have none of that. Tell you what. I’ll put stuff up that I need and if somebody wants to get it for me great. Let’s start with a cot. I like this one.



I also need two feather pillows, one set of sheets, and a blanket.


5 thoughts on “Oh, I see.

  1. williamcullum Post author

    I think I’d have to pass on that. Think of all the cleansing that you’d have to do around the money. Besides, you know he cheats on his taxes so there’s the Feds to think about and I’ve had quite enough of them, thank you!

  2. Joe

    I can never tell if you are being serious or not. Cause I’d totally send you some sheets, as long as they weren’t Peacock Alley Virtuoso…

  3. williamcullum Post author

    Haha, Joe. What a great guy! Sure I’m serious and no I don’t want Peacock Alley Virtuoso. I had to look them up. A friend is going to show me how to do a wish list on Amazon. I’ll post the details as soon as I figure it out. Amazon’s good, right?

  4. Joe

    I’m a Prime member (free, two day shipping) of Amazon. Shipments from them almost weekly. So, yeah, pick something from them and I’d be glad to ship you something that you needed.


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