I have a dilemma.



Ugolino and His Sons, executed in marble 1865–67, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (French, 1827–1875), Metropolitan Museum, New York, NY

I have been offered the help of certain agency officials in finding an apartment. This probably sounds like a good idea but I have a problem with it. Everyone involved has the best of intentions but let’s say I take their help. That’s great for me but what about all those people who don’t have friends willing to make calls for them? The point of this blog is to document the oblique process by which one gets an apartment through the channels set up by HRA and HASA. The point of the exercise is not to use my or my friends’ influence to subvert the process. The point is to find out what the process is and follow it through to its conclusion  I will grant that calling public officials and members of the press changes the very nature of the process in the same way that the presence of an anthropologist changes the group they are studying but taking advantage of offers available only to me seems like cheating. No one agrees with me on this but I think I’m right. What do you think? 


13 thoughts on “I have a dilemma.

  1. Juan Lopez

    sadly we come to this point sooner or later. most of my past jobs got to me this way……I just live with that!

  2. Brion

    A dilemma indeed! I would be tempted in this situation to take advantage of any help I could, but my inner voice would tell me to stick to the original idea. So…my reponse? I think you are right; any change to your process would subvert the intent of your blog. Best of luck with your search!

  3. Mike

    Within the parameters of your blog goal, then the choice is easy. Don’t take the help. Within the parameters of life, and what we as humans value as far as comfort needs and assistance, then take the help. Your welfare, it seems to me, is infinitely more valuable than a blog. You can actually do both and keep your standards. Good luck.

  4. Bob

    I am close to what Mike wrote — if you can get help, you are in a more secure spot, and can be of more help to others.
    As for the rest of it, sorry, I have trouble seeing that documenting the process is gonna come to much, at least in the short term. However, I believe there are other contributions you can make, once the housing issue is not pressing on you.

  5. dennisdavidson

    Do what is necessary to get an apartment. You need the stability, privacy, and certainty of having a lease to an apartment in your name. By all means document this entire process. Tell us your story. And tell the world how this process works and does not work. Take advantage of any assistance (how ever privileged it may be) to help you navigate–or circumvent—the HSA/HASA bureaucracy. To stay true to your blog, simply expand the scope to include what it will actually take in order to find an apartment and rebuild your life after prison.

  6. A. Broccoli

    How about watching Visconti for an answer, since bile very well steeped is the bestest kind. Many will do, but why not go with his first and last: “Obsession;” and “The Innocent.” Buon Fortuna!

  7. lee

    We all know how insane living in NYC is in any form. Is getting an “in” also sort of how the process works? I know it shouldn’t be, but is that just how it is, like paying someone of to get a liquor license? Granted I’ve never had to use that to get a plain old apartment on the fringes of this city, and to get a super deluxe apartment you have to pay a broker who in essence has an “in” in a way…

    But in the end, you’ve done your time in prison, you’re getting your teeth fixed, your physical health and so on. You have enough challenges, would it be ok to allow yourself this break?

    1. A. Broccoli

      Why do you pretend to be an intellectual?
      If you didn’t and had you stuck with “Obsession” or “The Innocent” all would be possible; but now here you are in Gattopardo territory.

      P.S. What’s a Ponce if not someone willing to sway this way and that? It’s downright common.

  8. williamcullum Post author

    Why do you bother me when you KNOW I’m masturbating? Besides, everyone knows everything one needs to know can be found in the pages of Vanity Fair. I do love common.


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