I’m becoming dotty in my dotage. I’ve known and talked about having an appointment this morning with the HRA shrink to qualify for some kind of city housing. I’m secretly sure I’m not going to get it because I never get these sorts of thing but I’m willing to go through the motions. But today I forgot. 

I was thinking about who else I might contact regarding HRA’s punitive position that I shouldn’t be allowed an apartment larger than a studio. I was thinking about the painting. I was thinking about what I wanted for lunch. I was thinking about spending the afternoon playing Grand Theft Auto. What I wasn’t thinking about was the HRA shrink.

So I get there two hours late, she calls my number, she says, “Your appointment was for 9:30.” “That’s correct. I’m sorry I’m late. I just forgot.” “I’ve made you another appointment for the third at 11.” “Alright, then.” And I turned around and walked out. I guess Paul Mall is right. I do have a breathtaking sense of entitlement. I do wish he were still around to enjoy his little victory.

But she has a nose ring, for god’s sake.


4 thoughts on “Dotty

  1. Bob

    Hoping that she does not have a bad cold next time you see here — nothing worse than snot dripping off a nose ring.
    As for “dotage”, I am older than you (and chubbier than Scott): I find that stuff I don’t really want to believe will work gets forgotten, and stuff I have clarity on gets done.

  2. Ryan

    You “forgot” because you knew she wasn’t going to do shit for you anyway. By not showing up, she was probably stoked because she could have a smoke break between appointments.

  3. williamcullum

    That’s kinda what I thought, too. I think she’s also one of these bureaucrats that will keep you waiting hours but expect you to be early. Maybe I’m wrong. We’ll see.


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