A breathtaking sense of entitlement

Since this is my blog, it’s time to talk about me. 


The best news. After being told by the (very!) young staff at the Housing Works Health Clinic that I had to have three molars removed, I kept my appointment with my old dentist at CCC and he fix the broken one and said that he would make a bridge until I could afford implants. 


Very bad news. On Friday, I met with the crack hotel’s housing specialist and told her that since she was now in charge of housing the entire hotel, not to worry about me; I would find my own place on Craigslist. She was appropriately grateful. 

I spent the weekend looking online at all the lovely one-bedrooms in upper Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. This was going to a breeze and fun to boot.

Then Monday at 5pm I finally get a callback from the Housing Works guy. There’s a reality agency in Queens that has HASA apartments and will be conducting their intake this morning at 9am. But they require a document that I don’t have so I’ll have to wait two weeks until the next one. Please bear in mind I had sent him a text on Tuesday of last week asking what’s up and followed that with a voicemail the next day. And this is an agency he said he has had a relationship with so he must have known about this intake before 5pm on a Friday. Had he called, say, in the morning I could have gone to HASA and gotten the paperwork and been there this morning instead of having to wait two weeks. That’s quibbling though because I’m not his only client and because in the end it didn’t matter in the least.

Right after I hung up with him a woman from the realty company returned my call and informed me that because of the felony, I wasn’t eligible for any of their apartments and, oh, was I aware that HRA sent out a memo that very morning stating their new policy? As of Friday they would not be approving apartments larger than studios. I had, in fact, heard the rumor from Feral but didn’t believe it. What possible difference could it make to HRA what size the apartment is? It’s not like they’ve lowered the amount they are willing to pay. Besides, after spending the weekend on Craigslist I discovered there are almost no studios. At the time I thought this was a good thing. Now I think I’m going to violate and cool my heals at MDC for a while. This is why the recidivism rate is so high in this country. Life on the outside for a felon is way too stressful. I’d like to thank Paul Mall in advance for his compassion and concern during this difficult time.


2 thoughts on “A breathtaking sense of entitlement

    1. Bill

      Thanks, Bob. I’ll be fine but I figure this may drag on until summer. I’ve got some back channel stuff working. We’ll see if anything comes of it. I’d like to see the process work though. What’s going to happen to the people who don’t have back channels? That’s what I’m worried about.


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