Bloody disaster in the afternoon

Just got back from the dentist. I have to have two, maybe three more molars pulled. Before Scott can say anything snarky about my dental hygiene , the dentist said that the probable cause was the AIDS meds I’ve been on since 1996. Eventually I’ll have to get some sort of prosthetic but in the meanwhile it’s very soft foods for me. Or maybe I’ll finish the book this summer and see what money I get from it and buy implants. I have to nap now.


6 thoughts on “Bloody disaster in the afternoon

  1. Brion

    Non-bloody disaster in the morning!! Finally able to ‘see’ your blog again after Wix kept redirecting me! Bloody technology! Where would we be without nerds to help us out! Anyway…There are a number of Hiv+ people I know, myself included, who have serious problems with teeth and there is only now the acceptance and realisation that the meds are probably the cause of the problem. Found a dentst who was prepared to look into the long term effects the meds could be causing and treating the issues with my teeth in the hope something could be salvaged! Tried a prosthetic but found that the problem hadn’t been dealt with early enough and the gum/bone structure couldn’t handle pressure. Well, that and the fact it felt like having some sort of alien structure residing in my mouth! Mmmmm ..implants would be nice. Good luck!

    1. Brion

      I’m laughing at your blender comment!…suggested this an an option to my Mother ( aged 89, ill fitting false teeth, has trouble chewing, “nothing tastes of anything anymore!”) and she could just suck everything up through a straw! Suggestion was NOT well received!!

    1. Brion

      Oh she has plenty of imagination!…too much sometimes! Further on the topic of Hiv meds and their effects on the body , there is increasing evidence that a number of vital organs (kidneys and liver to name just two) as well as the aforementioned teeth, are adversily affected by these meds. My hospital specialist asks me each time I see him “Have we poisoned you yet?” It’s his little joke!!

  2. williamcullum Post author

    Fortunately, everything else is good. I just wish my teeth had blown up AFTER I’d settle this housing thing . I’m thinking pureed filet mignon with hollandaise on the side.


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