Here’s where we are now.

So it’s been exactly 6 weeks since I started sleeping at the crack hotel. In that time, My housing application for Harmony House has been returned without explanation, the housing specialist at the crack hotel, when ask about what was going on with my case said, “Wait a minute! You’re suppose to be on Ms. X’s caseload!”, the very earnest young man at Housing Works said he knew a guy who had “… new one bedroom apartments in the Bronx!” That was the last I heard from him.

I have been to see exactly zero apartments and I just went on Craigslist and found literally hundreds of apartments in HASA’s price range.

I have an appointment on the 29th with the HRA psychiatrist for the NY, NY 1,2, or 3, apartments which I will keep. Oh, both the housing specialist at HASA and the housing specialist at the crack hotel are insistent that I qualify for the NY, NY 3 housing. The earnest, young man at Housing Works assured me I wasn’t.

April 1 I start cold calling Craigslist apartments.


4 thoughts on “Here’s where we are now.

  1. RG

    Are you allowed to cold call apartments or do you have to go through the fuckers that aren’t doing shit for you now?

  2. williamcullum Post author

    Hey RG. Yeah, I can totally cold call. When I find a place I want, go to HASA and they approve the lease, pay the fees, and I’m in. The reason to wait until April is that by then HASA will have noticed they are now paying the crack hotel $2000/month to put me up so they will be more likely to approve the $1100/month maximum on the new place.


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