I Want to be and Artist



Greyson Perry, 1996


4 thoughts on “I Want to be and Artist

  1. williamcullum Post author

    Then you probably already are, Joe. Although, in this case, the name of the post is also the name of the piece and, for once, it’s not a typo. The piece is called “I Want to be and Artist.” I assume the artist he his referring to is Jean Michel Basquiat as that is the dominant portrait on the vase. I highly recommend, if you are serious, that you watch the interview as he brilliantly discusses contemporary art.

  2. Joe

    Silly me, Bill. I was thinking you needed to work on your grammar when I saw the post… ha ha
    I got the Basquiat reference right off the bat. I like his work a lot. I watched some of the video but didn’t have time to watch the whole thing. I will try and do that this weekend. Greyson seems like an interesting character. I dabble in photography, and have shown and won awards for my work but it’s nothing serious. Just a hobby, I guess.


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