Grayson Perry

Just watch it.


4 thoughts on “Grayson Perry

  1. steve

    Grayson turns up periodically on UK TV but have not seen him talk about his art before oddly enough – more usually as ‘celebrity’ in a dress. Ashamed to admit I missed the show at the British Museum!

  2. williamcullum Post author

    I’ve never seen one of his pieces in person; only through images I find on the internet. I liked the video because he speaks so clearly about contemporary art and being an artist. I also quite like what I can see of the work. Pity he doesn’t show much here in New York. But as he said in the interview, he works very slowly, something I can relate to, and doesn’t make a lot of work. Something else I can relate to. I’m still painting the frieze. In fact, I gave it up today to work on the feet. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go back about a month or keep checking in. I’ll post something about it soon enough.


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