Homelessness is a full time job

Let review. I moved into the SRO February 1st. I have been sent to see exactly zero housing units. I just spent an hour and a half getting another (this will be the second) copy of my ppd results from January because they lost the first copy. 

Meanwhile, Harmony House has sent my application back to HASA which seems to mean that they are not yet releasing the 5 units that we know are vacant. Insert your own conspiracy theory about why that may be, here. The valiant Ms. Cobb is doing the best she can but no one understands the byzantine pathways to congregate housing in New York.

i have an appointment tomorrow to see the HRA psychiatrist about something called New York 3 housing.


4 thoughts on “Homelessness is a full time job

  1. Joe

    Why, let’s make this as difficult as possible why don’t they. I think I would have just given up by now if I were in your situation… Stay strong, Bill.

  2. williamcullum Post author

    Dude, I spent six years in a 7’X 9′ cube with two other guys. I can do this standing on my head. That doesn’t mean I don’t get headaches but I can tough it out. Thanks for the kind thoughts and encouragement, though. It’s really is appreciated.


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