Bitter disappointment

Not really. I went to the first of what will be several interviews for the peer counselor job at my clinic. I feel as though I was slightly mislead about the process, but , whatever. From what I gleaned from the lovely, shiny young people running the thing somewhere here between 50 and 60 people turned up for “15 to 20” positions. The jobs itself sound right up my alley. There’s the straight up clinic counselor which is basically another layer of attention for the patient. I would be assigned a certain caseload and make sure the process ran smoothly for them. The one I want, though, is working with newly released inmates into a special program that the clinic has started. I already spoke with my probation officer (love her) and she said that if I got the job to come talk to her about it. She was fine with it but the higher ups might not be. There’s a rule about people on supervised release not associating with other felons but there’s already the 12 step exception so this may be one, too. The rule makes sense. It’s mostly so that folks who were involved with criminal organizations don’t jump back into that line of work. I get that.

Here’s where the timing gets a bit tricky. I feel I was lead to believe the training would be in March and the gig would start in April when, in truth, there’s a written application, another interview, then, if selected, a three week training course. Then the hospital where the clinic resides get to put us through their HR department and by then it’s June 5 before the job starts. 

Oh, and the $100.00/week for 9 hours MAY impact my HASA benefits. 

Maybe I’ll move to Tim’s cabin for the summer.


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