“Sunny Morning-Eight Legs”


Lucian Freud 1997


5 thoughts on ““Sunny Morning-Eight Legs”

  1. Joe

    This is gorgeous! And thanks for introducing me to his work. Are you familiar with the work of exspressionistic painter, Aaron Smith? He’s on the cover of Blue Canvas magazine this month. aaronsmithart.com. Totes adorable, and I really love his paintings.His current focus is pictorial translations of photographic portraits of Victorian and Edwardian gentlemen. He’s represented by Sloan Fine Art.

    1. williamcullum Post author

      Thanks, Joe. And thanks for Aaron Smith’s link. If you’re interested in that aesthetic you might want to check out the work of Mark Beard and McDermott & McGough.

  2. Rob Hilts

    There is something about his style of painting that has always intrigued me…… i can look at his work for hours….. For some reason i always found this piece to be sinisterly erotic….. Thanks for posting it….. rob


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