A brief update

I just saw my probation officer at the CCH and it’s all good. She’s supporting my petition for early release. She was kind of horrified by the place but I pointed out that for the first time in years I’m sleeping 8-10 hours a night which is awesome. There has been no discernible movement on any of my housing applications. I’ve been recommended for a peer counselor position at the clinic which would, if hired, allow me to get an apartment sometime in April. 

No sign of Feral for the last couple of days.


3 thoughts on “A brief update

  1. williamcullum Post author

    Oh, no. Feral, which isn’t his given name, is this kid I found a couple of years ago. He’s exceptionally bright and fun to be around. I’ve always collected strays. When I had the studio it was called The Fourteenth Street for Wayward Boys. I’ll be on that neighborhood meeting with my editor, Dale Peck. I’ll take a picture.


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