Feral and me

Ok… I know this sucks but I’m still learning. I’ll get better, I promise.

Meanwhile, Gavin Brown spoke of being in a “post-capitalist” society. That’s the first I’ve heard of it. I’m familiar with the work of Peter Drucker but was unaware that the transition had been made. My friend, an ex-investment banker, says Brown was being provocative and I hadn’t heard about it because it isn’t true. I do, however, wonder if it’s not closer than I think.


7 thoughts on “Feral and me

    1. williamcullum Post author

      Ha! Seriously, what did you expect? I have a couple of identity art projects tucked away that have to do with expectation so I’m genuinely interested in knowing how my voice is different than you imagined. It’s for science/art/anthropology.

      1. Frank

        More gravelly and grizzled, I think. I guess because you’ve been through so much hard shit.

        BTW, try to get Scott to start doing videos. I’ve known him for almost ten years at this point, and I still don’t know what he sounds like and I’m intensely curious.

  1. Brian Jones

    Your provocative post on the legitimacy of us being a Post-Capitalistic society and everyone wants to talk about the timbre of your speaking voice. Which somehow very well may be a commentary on the original question after all, although I’m not clever enough to connect those dots artfully. That said, I don’t think we’re Post-Capitalistic, yet. There are things that can be done to DE-redistribute the wealth (all the teeth gnashing over a redistribution of wealth is done by those who don’t want us to notice it was already redistributed quite masterfully). That said, I don’t think anything will be done to prevent us from being a P.C. society. So the real question is – what will a Post-Capitalism feudal state look like? I I am imagining cubicles and drop ceilings.


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