Was it worth it indeed.

I was casting about for something to post today and it occurred to me that not all of you know the story. On August 10, 2004, I was remanded to prison and subsequently was sentenced to 87 months for selling meth to a confidential informant for the DEA. This is the poster the US Attorney had put up all over Chelsea the day after my sentencing. That morning I came out of my cell on my way to get hot water for my instant coffee when Pete Gotti, John’s brother, yelled up to me, “Hey, Bill. Yo fyamous!” I have his copy of the Daily News. I didn’t think to get him to sign it.


4 thoughts on “Was it worth it indeed.

  1. RG

    I loved all of your letters to Scott when you first went into the system. It would be awesome to read those again. You should post them here!

    1. williamcullum Post author

      Hi RG,
      Firstly, I’m writing a memoir that will tell the story contained in those letters and, secondly, Scott is the keeper of the archive. Maybe you can convince him to re-issue some of the material.
      The memoir should be out sometime next year. As I may have mentioned before, I’m on sabbatical from the book until the end of May when these paintings have to be done.
      Patience, grasshoppa.


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