Everything happens for a reason. Right?

Let’s review, shall we? Towards the end of January I thought it was the right time to find a place of my own. My health – including my teeth – had been stable for a rather long while. HASA was being completely coöperative and even on board. So February first I moved into a perfectly fine SRO on the theory that because HASA was paying Tim slightly more than $400/month, they would be more willing to find a place for me if they had to pay the SRO, which costs substantially more. As Scott likes to say; easy peasy. Well, not so fast.

First, my teeth decide it would be fun to renew their long and painful process of disintegration. The latest is now that there’s no tooth on the back end of the crown, it won’t stay put so I have to have a root canal and, I suppose, some sort of post to affix the crown. I had only 12 molars to begin with and at the moment I’m down to 8.

Then, this morning, I received a letter from HASA saying that since I’m now getting $717.30 in SSI benefits I will no longer be receiving Public Assistance benefits. This is fascinating a couple of levels. While it is true that I was getting SSI in the nineties, I lost those benefits when I went to prison. I reapplied when I got out and went before a judge who ruled that even though I was in demonstrably worse shape than I was in the nineties, I was no longer disabled and therefore not eligible for benefits. Probably some formula he has to conform to. He wasn’t a bad guy. He was just some lawyer schmo who got his judgeship though political patronage and makes $62,000 a year and is happy for it. It’s not in his interest to approve too many of these applications.

The point is, I am NOT receiving SSI benefits. At least, they haven’t told me about it if I am. Obviously, a HASA fuck up. God bless the financial workers at HASA but I’ve yet to run up on one that seemed to be from the top of their class. 

Then there’s the issue of the returned check. I lived at Tim’s until the morning of the first of February. He received a rent check from HASA in the amount of $212.50 on the 28th of January which I told Tim to deposit as it was for the last two weeks of January. HASA issued a stop payment order on the check causing Tim’s bank to charge him a fee,

My case worker, the lovely and talented, Ms. Cobb, is in the field today. Tomorrow morning I’m confident she will make this all right. I’m seeing my dentist, the lovely and talented, Dr. Hoffmann, next week and he can write the referral for the root canal. Today, I will now meditate for 20 minutes after which I will paint and draw until this evening when I will be entertained by that incomparable genius of song, Johnnie Moore, and remember that what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. As long as I don’t have a stroke, first.


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