Those of you who have come to me from Scott over at Bill in Exile probably know who Michael Lucas is. I’m always late to these things. It seems he’s a porn actor who has his own company and some sort of clout with the board of the LGBT Center here in New York. It also seems he and others persuaded the Center to refuse the use of space in their building for groups that are pro-Palestine. And, apparently, this has been going on for two(!!!) years. 

Well, last week a group cannily decided to try to book a reading by the eminent scholar and author, Sarah Schulman. Their application was denied, they were refused an explanation and an absolute shit-storm ensued. I am pleased to report that the LGBT Center has come to their senses and lifted the moratorium on pro-Palestine groups and Lucas is having a hissy fit.

In an email to The Gay City News he wrote, “I have absolutely no time to be fighting with the spineless LGBT Center of New York who have no backbone or principles. I would advise people to stop donating to the center and believe the city should stop funding an organization whose original mission of helping gay people has changed to providing a platform to anti-Israeli hate groups.”

What a tool. As my jewish, marxist, anti-Zionist, therapist says, “You can be anti-Zionist and not be anti-semetic.” I have to admit, I have real sympathy for Israel but how do you square the circle that is the fact that Israel, as it stands today, is an apartheid state? And how can you be ok with that in today’s world?


4 thoughts on “Oy

  1. Bob

    My experience is that people whose noses look like too much was removed tend to be neurotic — Happy people do not push their surgeon to go overboard/


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