Today’s finale

After the dentist I watched the last two installments of the BBC documentary “The Story of India” and made exactly ten marks on the large version of the Requiem painting. I may do a grisaille underpainting. If I do, I’ll take a picture and show you. My friend, Feral, may be joining me here at the crack hotel. He’s 24, smart as a whip, and we’ll make videos for you. As for tonight, pleasant dreams, everyone.


5 thoughts on “Today’s finale

  1. Brion

    Dude! Don’t be surprised at the number of us who cruise by your blog. I’m sure there are many who ,like me, hang on your every word! I am fascinated by your story and after all these years reading BIE it’s really a priviledge to finally get to meet the real Bill. Oh, and what did Jamie feed you for Valentines day?

    1. williamcullum Post author

      Hey Brion. We had crappy Chinese. And this young woman at the table next to us told me I was talking too loudly. You know how Scott sometimes writes too loudly? That’s me in a restsurant sometimes. Anyway, it was the company that counted and it was a wonderful dinner. And thank you for the encouragement


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