Oh for God’s sake

I can’t believe you’ll be interested in this but Scott says I MUST post everyday so here it is. Everything these days is about my mouth. Last evening, I was speaking to Dr. Dave in Hawaii, I bit into a jelly bean and one of the two remaining molars on the upper left side split in half. I took a sip of water and it hurt so I took one of the Percocets I had left over from before I had the molar on the other side removed. Everything was fine for a while but after about 45 minutes I began to feel poisoned. I had taken the Percocet on an empty stomach. I laid down for about three hours before I was able to get up just long enough to flush the rest of the evil, offending pills down the toilet. 

So this morning, I went to the dentist to have the crown that popped off during the extraction replaced and what I thought would be the repair of the crumbling molar. Sadly, the good Dr. Hoffmann didn’t have time today to address the molar and said it would be alright to wait until our next appointment in two weeks. Now I have to go back to the clinic tomorrow to see the lovely and talented Jean Louis Salinas, MD, to get a new prescription for Percocet. I’m a total pussy when it comes to pain. 

Jaime is taking me to dinner for Valentine’s Day? I’m thinking Indian.


3 thoughts on “Oh for God’s sake

  1. Joe

    We both have issues with our teeth (my grandmother says 32 chews, one for each tooth. Well, grandma, I guess I can chew my food about 24 times then), and a VERY low tolerance for pain. I had some form of Oxy one time after a nasty fall off a step ladder (don’t ask) and after I took the first pill, I could literally feel the numbness start at my feet and travel up my body. I promptly flushed those like you did the Percocets. And please try and post every day. I have only two blogs bookmarked, out of a high of about 10 or so. BIE, and now yours.

    1. williamcullum Post author

      Hi Joe, Thanks for writing. I’m honored you’re following me. There’s about 100 of you. I find it most extraordinary. I really like the process but I like long drawn out narratives. Something I picked up in prison. I’m thrilled there are others out there who feel the same way. I’m doing my best. Bill


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