Crack house rules.

It’s pretty clear to me that the hotel has always been a flop house. There are two short hallways, one on the east side of the building, the other on the west. There are ten rooms per hall. In between there is a the stairwell and another hall three two small and one large full bathrooms. The two smaller ones have showers; then larger one has a tub and a slop sink. Everything, while decrepit, is surprisingly clean and well maintained. My hall has a tiny elevator.

I’ve only glimpsed some of the other inmates but everyone seems quiet and safe. In other words, I haven’t run into anyone I would consider a problem. There’s a common area on the top floor which has a microwave and a large flat-screen tv. I’ve been there only once when I was given the tour. I learned in prison that the politics of the tv room wasn’t something I had any interest in. They aren’t going to be watching what I want and there are only so many chairs anyway.


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