Hurry up and wait.

The housing specialist wasn’t in yesterday and won’t be in until noon today so I’ve decided to spend the day here at the hotel. I painted a big section of one of the paintings yesterday so I don’t feel too bad about taking the day off. Besides, the subway trips are killing me. Who’d a thunk being homeless would be so expensive. I’m going to GMHC this afternoon to take the course required to get meals there. I go to meetings to keep me away from the drink and the drugs. My home group meets tonight so I’ll go there after GMHC then back here to the hotel to bed.

i’m pleased to say that I truly like where I am now. It feels like I’m shedding shit and I’m lighter everyday. For now, Tim let’s me leave my stuff at his place and I can paint there. If things go on too long my friend Kamal has a huge studio in Brooklyn I can use. I got a Clear hotspot so I have Internet here. I’m hoping to have dinner with Jaime this evening. Life is good.


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