In response to a reply

In a reply to “What I need to brighten things up” Ghost of J McG mentioned an artist loft I lived in during the 80s. It’s not much covered in the book and his comment elicited the following revery which I decided needed it’s own post. 

That loft couldn’t have existed anyplace but where and when it did. It was on the corner of Ridge and Rivington in what was then a little Puerto Rican village. Grandparents and children and spanish coming from the windows. It was there that I was surprised to learn that when someone gets stabbed there isn’t any sound. I’d only seen stabbings in movies and tv and thought there would be a squush but there wasn’t. Just an arm thrust and blood and complete silence.

Scott was there. I took him there the first night we meet. That was the place I lived when I worked for the Native. I fucked my first porn star there to Poulenc’s “Stabat Mater” played way too loud. And I was almost mugged. One night after covering something for the paper I was headed home just after dark and decided that it would be alright to walk the few block south down Ridge from Houston. This was before I had a camera bag so all my equipment was on straps around my neck and as I walked two of the local boys fell in behind me. I was trying to decide if I could outrun them when a cop car pulled up on the corner and I caught their eye and they drove along side me until I got to the building. I took cabs home after dark from the on. And I got a bag.


6 thoughts on “In response to a reply

  1. Scott

    Yes, it was the day we first met at that hustler bar nonpareil — Rounds. I bought you dinner at Ray’s Pizza (I thought you were a high class hooker and figured I’d have to take you to Lutece — boy! was I wrong on both the high class part and the Lutece part) and after which you said to me, “I’ve got a bottle of vodka in my freezer, wanna go to my place and fuck?”

    The place was a wreck (and you had weird roommates if I recall). And the following morning we were barged in on by none other than Matthew P. who wanted to use your darkroom gear to print some godawful pictures he had taken.

    Remember that incredibly gorgeous boy with the big weener you photographed who got robbed in a bad drug buy and had his liver cut out and died in a doorway just down the street?

  2. williamcullum Post author

    That was Junior, the subject of the series of pictures Fred Koch bought! I’ll look around and see if I can find one to post. They were taken in Grace Slick’s loft. Now there’s a name you don’t hear everyday anymore.

    1. Scott

      Junior! He was gorgeous. Didn’t you have him posed with his hard dick in his hand, reading a book, while wearing a pair of black Wayfarer sunglasses?

  3. williamcullum Post author

    Yeah, but I looked and I don’t have those pictures archived. I think I have the negatives which have to be scanned. So much was lost during my unfortunate incarceration.


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