False alarm but so much more

Because of my history of heart attack (’96) and the 325mg of aspirin I take a day, the dentist wants me to see an oral surgeon to pull the tooth. This will have to wait until Monday as tomorrow I will be moving from the relative lap of luxury here in Chelsea into a HASA (HIV and AIDS Services Administration) hotel. Which brings us, finally, to the point of this blog. I started this as a documentary/art project because I can’t find a reliable account of what, exactly, a HASA hotel is like. So we, you and I, will find out. Tomorrow morning at 9am I will go to my HASA case worker, the lovely and talented Ms. Cobb, and she will tell me what hotel I will be checking into while we look for congregate housing. Don’t be concerned if you don’t know the terms. I will explain things as we progress on our journey.

باسم الله، والحمد لله. المجد إنا إليه الذي خلق هذا النقل، وبالنسبة لنا، على الرغم من أننا لم نتمكن من إنشائه لوحدنا. وإنا ربنا سنعود.


9 thoughts on “False alarm but so much more

  1. ghost of john mcG

    beely boy…savor the memory of nights with grace & dolphy at limelight…ah what 3way

    that would have been…

  2. Spirit of Johm McG

    Scott has nothing to do with this….dont you remember Miss Grace asking you to join

    her to party w/ Dolph in tow when you worked at Limelight…what a missed opportunity

    we must chat directly at some point & relive old times even if I am on the other side

    Remember joining me at the Russian Tea Room after my debut at Carnegie?

    Glad you are happy in your new digs

    1. williamcullum Post author

      Ok… If you REALLY are the ghost of our beloved John McGlinn, may he rest in peace, then you’ll know the answer to this. What happened with the manuscript? Mmmm?

  3. Ghost of J McG

    do you mean the one a certain agency wanted to know about?

    potentially from the warehouse?

    PS: does your phrase “hate to f&*k & run” ring a bell? no names pls!


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