Yesterday I went to see about having a root canal. Sadly, there isn’t enough tooth to bother with so I’m off to have one of my lower right molars extracted. Pictures to follow.


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  1. Todd in DC

    Hello bill. I found your site from Scott who runs the Bill in Exile site

    I once had a root canal, but it failed 2 or do years later and had to lose the tooth anyway, so you aren’t missing much. Is the dentist putting a shard of your jaw bone in the open wound? If not, your teeth will shift

  2. Mark

    I am a dentist. Not all root canals fail; over 95% are successful. It’s too bad that your tooth was caught too late in the game. Implants are a viable option if you have enough bone, but they are expensive. At your age, your teeth probably won’t shift too quickly if you have enough bone around the surrounding teeth and don’t have periodontal disease. With HIV you have to be meticulous about your oral hygiene.

    I’ve been reading BIE from the beginning. It’s the first blog I read when I open Google Reader. I don’t know if you remember, but I sent you a letter when you were having problems with a fellow inmate about homosexuality being natural for some individuals. I offered to send you a book on the subject that showed it occurs in other species as well as man. I think you were working in the library at the time, but you sent a letter declining my offer as the synopsis I sent was enough to convince the fellow prisoner that homosexuality is not a choice as it occurs in other species as well. I wish you well in your new life. Take care and stay strong.

  3. williamcullum Post author

    Hey Mark, Of course, I remember you! That article had THE best gay joke I’ve heard. It had me laughing for weeks. It was accompanied by a cartoon of one male sheep speaking to his friend, another male sheep, saying, “I’m just not into ewe.” Thanks again for sending it and thanks for reminding me of such a fun time.

    Re: implants. My editor says I should get real money for the book. If he’s right, I’m getting all new molars. Or maybe a cabin in the woods. They’re about the same price.


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