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  1. Jack Meehoff

    Where are the advertisements for shivs and other sundries? The NEA is not handing out grants for blogs, you know.

  2. Paul Mall

    Such a rip roaring soundtrack. The perfect punctus contra punctum to the nearly unbearable tedium of watching paint dry. Please sir, kindly reveal the name of that baroque masterpiece. Sounds all liquidy and gushing a la Händel.

    1. Paul Mall

      After listening again, I’m thinking Vivaldi rather than Handel…..a bit too flashy and white-hot for the refined sensibilities of GFH. Whatever it’s provenance, my compliments on your choice.

  3. williamcullum Post author

    You were right the second time around. It’s from the album, “Vivaldi: Concerti per Violino 1, ‘La Caccia'”. When I uploaded the video to youtube I was provided a number of wha I can only guess were copyright-free music files to use as soundtracks. Since the only sound on the original file was my rather unattractive heavy breathing, I picked the one that matched the length of the clip. It turned out to be the Vivaldi which was fine with me as I like both the songs he wrote – the fast one you hear here and the slow one I’ll post another time (Music school joke). True story.


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